Video Production

Show You Are Real

Video Production

Videos have a measurable effect on the prosperity of your business. You, as a fair trade locksmith, have a real business with a real address. You have lettered trucks representing your company. You employees are not afraid to give their real names on their business cards. Your invoices have your company name on them. Professionally created videos, made by SMG, are another way to make your business visually legitimate to consumers. A video is your business’s unique signature, identity, and credentials. It will aid your company’s SEO rankings, which will inevitably bring you more business. Your customers that see your video have proof you are a viable real company. They know if they call you they will receive stable quality service.

Videos are one of our most powerful ways to fight scammers because many are afraid and unwilling to identify themselves on the record.  Why? Many scammers fear tax evasion detection, discovery of fabricated locations, false advertising tactics, unlicensed trucks, and of course, when they show up they may be representing as many as 20 fictitious locksmith companies.  They are locksmith companies that are felonious are afraid to have their faces seen for fear of police investigation.  Videos do not work for them.

A professionally produced video with SEO optimization will contain special key words and other proprietary techniques so your business is noticed.

Keyword tags are necessary for search ranking on the Internet. Search engines cannot see or interpret the content the videos, however, our techniques will make the video searchable with effective SEO text in the background.

It is recommended you have three custom videos produced: one for your location, one featuring your people, and one for your locksmith company’s technical skills.

Call one of our representatives at 703-906-3154 to set up your videos today. Your web page rankings and your increased business is sure to be remarkable.