Service Marketing Group’s services are all tailored to drive business directly to you.  Our team will proactively support you by monitoring call volume, website analytics, and industry trends. We will automate everything so that your marketing reaches your audience.

Phone Based Services

SMG has identified the need for a customized answering and dispatching software that enables locksmiths to capture more overtime call volume. Our focus on making your phones ring is just the beginning, we also make sure your phones are answered professionally, every single time. See how you can instantly make 10% revenue every month!

Internet Based Services

Audit, Attack, Attract. A strong web presence is not only important, it is critical. 99 out of 100 people use the Internet to pick their service provider. How does your website stack up? The scamming locksmiths are flooding the Internet with bogus websites which is why some of them get upwards of 5,000 calls per week. SMG has your back! Our network of websites and locksmiths is growing everyday.

Marketing Based Services

Analyze. Develop. Market. Low-cost advertising and marketing is our middle name. Old fashioned works. If you are short on ideas and want to growing your business then we have just what you need. Proven strategies that anyone can implement.