Scammer Locations Removal Team

Web Directory Service to Remove False Listings

Services Marketing Group as part of our never ending quest to enhance our customers marketing position we believe that as part of our mission we need to eradicate all forms of false information presented by nefarious companies. These tactics include false addresses and locations for placement on search engine directories and map pinpoints. They also include spammy websites, bait and switch pricing and violations of state laws. By countering and stopping these tactics it is the best way to promote our clients business.

Scammer Locations Removal Team

In our quest to take back the Internet SMG will dedicate 10% of its revenue to the following goal. Remove false addresses and webpages related to the illegal locksmith activity.

Three areas of concern for this national problem:

1. The scammers themselves.

2. The search engines which aid and albeit the false listings, by posting with all with no verification.

3. Local state and federal governments with no enforcement of the laws written to prevent this misrepresentation.

Scammers, Plague of the Locksmith?

Yep, you may have been a victim already. How do you stop them? Are they diverting service work form you daily? Do they hurt the public? Stop their illegal advertising tactics, false addresses and spam web pages. We have an advantage over the scammers Real Locations, Trained and Experienced Lock Techs plus years of experience and a strong commercial and residential base. If we band together as 500 strong the scammers will no longer be able to muster an assault on our businesses. We must counter their illegal marketing tactics with our strength in numbers if nothing else that alone will gain us back 70%-90% market share. Right is might in numbers.

We feel that if we can take back the search engines and directories it is one of the best ways to increase your marketing dollars. Scammers won’t be seen. Then the truthful locksmith companies can be found. As they should.

SMG has your back. In a constant effort, Services Marketing Group will remove erroneous illegal scammer locksmith listings from the Internet. Hiring Researchers, Consultants, Contacts, Experts, Lobbyists and Legal Actions all cost money.

By removing the spamming locksmith listings from maps and webpage listings, we gain market share for you. Your bottom line will be improved.  Customers will find your business instead of spamming locksmiths, thereby giving you more service calls. The market share you have lost over the past 7 years, that has been stolen from you by the scamming locksmiths using illegal tactics on the web, which once again be yours.