Ring Of Security

Ring of Security is an informational website of massive proportions. Ring of Security’s purpose is to become an educational resource consisting of all forms of security, loss prevention, and personal protection techniques. We firmly believe consumers will find and consult our website,, to get a truthful and informational perspective on products and safety tips all aimed at improving security without the bias of a commercial site.

Be Part Of Something Big

Join us in promoting Service Marketing Group’s Ring of Security It will include access to our Fair Trade Locksmith Directory and specialty content pages. Furthermore, we have developed custom made advertising designed to be visible on each of the Ring of Security subpages to expose customer browsers to your company’s information. Service Marketing Group believes these techniques are best weapons to increase your company visibility online.

How it Works

Customers will search a topic on the internet. Ring of Security will naturally have thousands of keywords relating to home and business security information, loss prevention, and personal protection. When the keyword(s) is entered, the subject will point to the Ring of Security webpage containing that subject material. That page will then be listed organically on the first page of the search.

Mission half done! The consumer will be able to see a portion of the information they are seeking. In order to see more details they then must enter their ZIP Code or their city. Your business located in that zip code appears on the top banner as a sponsor and then it’s a quick click or call to get the related service you provide.

Ring of Security Promotion

Locksmiths listed first in Fair Trade Locksmith Directory ( will have the option of being promoted in the top banner ad position of every informational webpage within ( first. The customer’s location will allow us to promote your business in the appropriate zip code, thus driving more business to you. We will allow our member locksmith companies to purchase individual zip codes at a low flat cost ranging from $2.50 to $24.00 per month based on the population in each. With the Ring of Security’s diverse features, the you are bound to receive a return on your investment through service calls the site produces while helping to promote security benifits.

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