Pay Per Click (PPC) Plan

PPC Rotation National Marketing Plan

A single company paying for clicks on Google and other search engines doesn’t stand much of a chance. The cost is high and profitability low.

Service Marketing Group will strategically place Pay Per Click advertising on the search engines by having just one ad work for every SMG member across the country. We need only one ad to promote all members’ businesses. A great savings can be gained due to the cost being shared and distributed by 3000 members nationwide. This makes the cost per click cost feasible and economical. Once our ad is selected the Fair Trade Locksmith Directory will guide the customer to the appropriate lock shop for their service area. Resulting in an otherwise lost service call that usually goes to the lead farmers dominating the PPC arena. We will make sure the ad is cost effective for the calls we get our members. This plan will also gain a good portion of market share, which will put our illegitimate competitors in jeopardy by breaking up the monopoly they have in the PPC listings.