National Service Provider

All Locksmiths who are an SMG customer automatically will become eligible to be a national service provider. We currently have several national companies that are seeking us as a qualified source for established, knowledgeable, lock companies.

This gives locksmiths throughout the country a chance to offer their services to national chains on a unified basis under an independent coalition of our locksmith members in every state. We can compete with other national NSPs(tired of seeing their stickers) and any unqualified locksmith groups. How? We are the real thing.

Two items you can be sure of.  You may charge your own rates; you don’t need to discount your prices. Plus, You will be paid in a reasonable amount of time. We will make sure of that. No more waiting 6 months to get paid on all booked service calls. The only fee would be a twenty-one administrative fee for each booked call you may pass on the client.