Hosted Numbers

SMG believes tracking incoming phone calls is an essential tool for your business to discover your best advertising sources. SMG can contract companies that provide these phone numbers for you at only the cost of the service.

SMG believes in using phone numbers that can be tracked from the source plus recorded so you can tell if the call is effective. We can use this technology to discover the best sources of advertisement and know the dispatchers are doing a great job of taking your customers request. It makes sense to use these phone numbers because you can absolutely verify the advertising is worth the cost.

Ask yourself, is the money you are paying getting you a return on investment? Our ultimate goal is to get you a 20X return on your advertising investment every month. We do not want our customers to pay exorbitant fees with undefined results. By tagging your lead sources with a phone number, that is recorded, every call can be measured for effectiveness.  With phone call tracking you can accurately know if SMG services are working.