Advanced Dispatch


Why do you ever lose a call?

Some reasons are simple enough.

You can’t reach the customer in time due to a line up of calls.

The customer feels the price is too much.

But you don’t want to lose a call for the following reasons!

The following scenarios can occur regular hours and especially after hours.

  • Do you lose a call because your technician does not want to answer the phone?
  • Is it because the customer’s call drops into voicemail, or an answering service and they hang up because they want to talk to a qualified live person?

For Instance

After hours answering companies will answer your phone and then page the locksmith.  What happens when the locksmith does not return the call quickly enough?  The customer calls another locksmith, probably a scammer.

Or what happens when the customer get a busy signal or voice mail because the locksmith is talking already on the phone, to a customer to his girlfriend?

Your tech answers the phone but tells the customer it will be four hours or $500 to come out when it really is 30 minutes and $150. Why? It’s cold. It’s raining. There’s a football game on TV.

Some of your road techs may not have great interpersonal communication skills and therefore can come off abrasive to customers. Remember they were not hired to answer the phone but to be a good locksmith technician.

During regular hours you may also lose some calls for unintended reasons

  • Is it because your dispatcher does not want to book a late call because your dispatcher does not feel the push back or want to inconvenience the tech?
  • Is your dispatcher just too busy with work to answer the phone call?
  • Is your dispatcher is off from work that day?
  • Four customers call at once and you miss one?

Don’t lose these calls to the competition! You work too hard to make your phone ring.

The Bottom Line

When your tech does not run calls, you lose money.

Our Dispatch service is a good back-up system even during regular hours so you don’t miss even one service call that you deserve.

The Solution

SMG’s 24-hour dispatch program will not let you down! You will not only receive all your overtime calls, but our goal is to actually increase the amount of calls you get. With SMG all calls are answered by our trained specific locksmith dispatchers. Our goal for you is to capture the 10% and more in revenue that you are losing, additionally recouping costs along the way, and adding additional call volume and revenue. It all starts with SMG’s custom designed software. Our dispatchers have at their fingertips your company name, pricing, and status of your technician on duty. They will answer all informational calls for no charge, at all hours, for all services and locations. The dispatchers only get paid when they book an actual service call. After the booking, they contact your service tech on duty and give them the opportunity to call the customer to finalize and double check information.

Benefits of Advanced Dispatch

Remember all calls are recorded so you can tell if the quality you demand is being implemented. Keep subscribing to the service only if you feel it is beneficial.

SMG’s Dispatch Has Three Service Levels

1. Overtime calls only – All calls answered professionally after business hours.

2. Normal hour overflow calls – Overflow dispatch during the day.  When you are swamped or just too busy to answer directly yourself. Saves you money till you have enough time or volume to add your own dispatcher.

3. 24/7 dispatch service- We handle all your phone needs.

The SMG Guarantee

SMG guarantees that your customers will have your prices and technician communication to ensure full satisfaction. Our dispatchers, knowing this information, will be able to professionally book a call immediately.

SMG’s dispatch program is designed with one motto in mind: Professionalism.  We have capably trained dispatchers on staff ready and able to handle all your locksmith calls.

Try us out for yourself!  Contact us to talk with our sales team to sample our dispatch and test drive our service call system.

How it works

First, fill out the form here so we have your information.

Then just forward your phone after hours and your customers calls will be answered by our excellent dispatch service. It has an exceptional software feature. If any dispatcher is busy the call will instantly roll over to the next available dispatcher. Not just in our call centers but also in someone’s home instantaneously. This gives us the flexibility to have professional dispatch from any location. The point is your customers phone call will be answered. We will have a full array of your prices posted on our dispatchers screen plus your techs current deployment status, so we can tell your customers the pricing and availability of your tech on the spot. Once your tech is contacted and given call details, he may call the customer and confirm work, price and arrival estimate

You will be able to listen to all calls because they are all recorded.  You can go online and logon to your personal dispatch section and schedule which overtime tech is running calls that night, change prices plus check your recorded calls.

Fair Trade Promise

At Fair Trade Locksmith, our team has a vested interest in the locksmith industry, because we are locksmiths.   We have built products that truly work for our companies.  We work with experts to provide great websites and a great answering service.  The future of the locksmith industry is in our hands.  We promise to work hard to ensure the survival of the industry for another 50+ years!