We have assembled a professional team of leaders with the knowledge and experience to market your business and increase your call volume.

We have all lived and experienced what each locksmith owner goes through on a daily basis as we are locksmith business owners.

We believe we can help all locksmiths by making their phone ring more often.

By utilizing facets of our company you can gain an advantage in marketing of your business.

Rest assured these are tried and proven marketing techniques as we have proven as effective on our own businesses.

As locksmiths we have saved untold valuables and protected loved ones better than any other discipline. Better than the alarm industry, beyond the police force,  guns not needed, and any laws that are written.

Samuel Wilson

Owner/President from 1800-UNLOCKS

Sam Wilson grew up in the locksmith industry.  His father started a Richmond VA based locksmith company in 1979.  As a young kid, Sam started helping out in the office doing odd jobs and even learning how to cut keys, rekey locks, and dispatch service calls.  Work ethic and integrity are the core values which have shaped him into the man he is today.  After getting his B.S. in Business Management and Minor in Economics from George Mason University, Sam came back to Richmond where he has been working to improve his father’s locksmith business, re-tool and re-launch a service called 1-800-UNLOCKS®, and now help build SMG.

Phone: (804) 377-9396

Barry Wilson

Owner/Vice President from American Lock & Key

Barry Wilson started out in the locksmith industry soon after high school.  After driving an ambulance for a short while, Barry decided to use his affinity for working with his hands and landed in a local Richmond locksmith shop.  Barry excelled quickly and realized he could go out on his own.  Within a few years Barry had employees and a budding locksmith business.  After 30 years in the business, business is getting more complex.  Barry realized it is time to do something drastic to get more business and decided to back SMG.

Phone: (804) 282-6060

Gary Ford

Owner/Secretary from Eastern Safe & Lock

In 1985 Gary opened Eastern Safe & Lock, Inc. Undercapitalized and working from his home (like so many other locksmiths) with two small babies at home he worked long hard hours growing the business. Several years later with third child on the way he moved into his first storefront location. From there the business grew into six locksmith trucks, one alarm truck and one safe delivery truck.

Phone: (703) 541-2200