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A specialty unlock service for SMG customers. Comes with phone # and web page dedicated for getting you business.

You are automatically signed up for this service as a super way to gain service calls through Fair Trade Locksmith Directory.

Remember a web page for you moves the scammers off the first page of search where over 93% of service providers are selected.

Become an Exclusive Featured site for your desired service areas. It operates in the fact when a customer calls the phone number the call is automatically directed to your dispatch board. Get more calls!

1-800-UNLOCKS® Added Benefits

1-800-UNLOCKS® is all new!  1-800-UNLOCKS® is a professional nationwide network of locksmiths just like SMG. 1-800-UNLOCKS® is poised to become the #1 brand for locksmiths, dominating in the automotive, residential, and commercial arenas. Exciting new features and benefits have been added for the locksmith that will increase online exposure and decrease lead generation costs while simplifying how the customer finds their local professional locksmith from anywhere in the country!

New Features

•          Geo-Locative Technology: Immediate company advertising with personalized company listing displayed on homepage.

•          Customized Webpage: Unique business webpage within for increased SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

•          Social Media Marketing: Locksmith receives blogging through all corporate social media websites and on homepage.

•          Advanced Analytics Technology: Track your physical territory, call volume, track website views in order to gain useful demographic information.

•          New Dispatching Technology: Proprietary and versatile new system can ring one or all of your technicians.

•          Smart Billing Technology: This technology allows us to filter through calls that are not likely to earn you a paying customer.

•          Locksmiths Customer Login: Login daily to see customer profile, billing history, and all analytic data.

As a customer of SMG, you automatically get the 1-800-UNLOCKS® number, a webpage listing with 1-800-UNLOCKS® for added SEO. Automatically. Plus you only pay when you book a service call.


  • Bringing you premium discounts from your favorite hardware distributors such as US LOCK.
  • Boosting your Search Engine Results.
  • Creating a specifically tailored and enhanced webpage for your company.
  • Creating a mobile site for your customers on smart phones.

Even More Benefits

Benefits for our Locksmith Providers

Huge Value, Low Prices, Exclusive Benefits

As part of joining this Nationwide Automated Dispatch Network of professional Locksmiths, you are now part of an elite group of locksmiths that have exclusive access to a wide range of added benefits.  1-800-UNLOCKS®  is always striving to ensure your business is highlighted as THE locksmith to call within your territory.  The goal being, all locksmith related calls will get directed to you, thus allowing you to increase your profits and increase your reputation by utilizing a recognized national name brand.  Customer calls, you answer!

Closing Thoughts. For now!

How many of you have Twitter or Facebook? Well, if you do, then please add, like, and follow 1-800-UNLOCKS® . Believe it or not these quick connection builders will have profound effects on how your customers will communicate and connect with you as the area’s local professional locksmith.

1-800-UNLOCKS®  will simplify your life and the lives of your customers. Your customers will have a centralized toll-free phone number to reach their local locksmith. In a day and age where time is precious and super valuable, what better service could you possibly offer your customers?