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Our fully managed system guarantees valid work requests efficiently and painlessly. We all know your Dispatcher is at the heart of your business. Your entire service process begins with the conversion of a call into a job. We use Real locksmiths that have been Verified along with Trained Dispatchers to simplify your life and maximize efficiency.

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our working processin 3 steps

Service Marketing Group has developed a proven model for business growth and brand development. Our research and industry experts guarantee immediate results.


Verify & Qualify

Verify and Qualify legitimate locksmiths through our multistep process.

Design & Develop

Develop unique branding and marketing strategies to target your customers.

Test & Deliver

Attract new and repeat customers by penetrating market like never before.

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There are plenty reasons why!!

For years the service industry has attacked by illegal scammers and untrained technicians. The scammers are organized and sophisticated. SMG believes in fair competition. It is time to leverage your skills and household names to take back call volume and increase your bottom line. continue reading

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